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German experts say that type 2 diabetes is curable.

Type 2 diabetes is curable, but it has a rather high probability of relapse. This conclusion was reached by researchers from the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin and the Diabetes Center in Düsseldorf. Experts have warned that in the coming...

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Named the danger of spring allergies

- Someone thinks that a seasonal attack is a temporary matter, it will pass by itself, and it does not turn to doctors. And in vain, will not pass, - warns the head. Vera REVYAKINA, Department of Allergology, Research Center...

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Hemophilia will begin to be treated with high technology

Hemophilia is a genetically determined life-threatening disease, based on a violation of the blood coagulation function. Its most common form is hemophilia A (an example of 85% of patients). On average, one in 10 thousand newborns is sick with just...

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