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German experts say that type 2 diabetes is curable.

Type 2 diabetes is curable, but it has a rather high probability of relapse. This conclusion was reached by researchers from the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin and the Diabetes Center in Düsseldorf. Experts have warned that in the coming decades, the world will become much more people suffering from this disease. In particular, they believe that by 2040 the number of people in Germany who are prone to type 2 diabetes will increase significantly.

Named the danger of spring allergies

- Someone thinks that a seasonal attack is a temporary matter, it will pass by itself, and it does not turn to doctors. And in vain, will not pass, - warns the head. Vera REVYAKINA, Department of Allergology, Research Center for Nutrition, Biotechnology and Food Safety. - Moreover, it can be transformed into bronchial asthma. Children are particularly susceptible to hay fever. The development of the disease is promoted by both hereditary predisposition and the general unfavorable ecological situation. At risk are children whose parents are sick with hay fever, and those toddlers who suffered from exudative diathesis from the first months of life, as well as who suffered from measles and whooping cough at an early age. And those who live in major metropolitan areas and industrial centers.

Hemophilia will begin to be treated with high technology

Hemophilia is a genetically determined life-threatening disease, based on a violation of the blood coagulation function. Its most common form is hemophilia A (an example of 85% of patients). On average, one in 10 thousand newborns is sick with just such a form of hemophilia. The disease is characterized by spontaneous hemorrhages in the joints, muscles, soft tissues and internal organs. If these patients are not treated, this quickly leads to the defeat of the musculoskeletal system and severe disability. In addition, hemorrhages occur in vital organs, which can lead to the death of the patient.