About us


It all started in 2010 with the founding of Vantage International Canada Inc. in Canada. A few years later, JV “Vantage Focus” LLC was founded in Uzbekistan. And “VANCA INTERNATIONAL LIMITED” in the UAE. Today the company consists of several offices around the world.


We are engaged in preliminary analysis of potentials of new products of our partner campanies, their registration with MOH in the territories of product distribution, import and promotion of registered products. We have highly-skilled medical representatives, media resources and online marketing. We also arrange product introductions. We have a big database of medical professionals,pharmacists and medical care facilities where our trade marketing team detail our products to increase product awareness. We also do BTL activities for OTC products. 


Our international team consists of more than 80 and increasing number of the best specialists in the field of pharmaceuticals, who conduct a thorough analysis, build a comprehensive communication objectives and well-planned execution of the marketing plan. 

Our management