Market research

We conduct in-depth market research for all of our health care products and equipment on behalf of our strategic partners and interested companies. We provide all the relevant data to allow our partners to make the right decision in launching a product. Our thorough understanding of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) adds value for our customers in product selection and registrations.


Due to the frequent fluctuations in regulatory requirements of CIS Countries, it can be very challenging to keep up with changes in the healthcare sector. As a result, registration processes face inordinate and unpredictable delays. Hence, we have organized a dedicated team of specialists who have both the scientific skills and regulatory expertise, coupled with their ability to communicate and co-ordinate effectively with the regulatory bodies, to achieve the very best outcome for our clients.


Import and Distribution

Our partner-trading companies have MOH Standard warehouses that take care of the import and distribution of our products. Our efficient distribution networks cover almost every corner of the countries we work in and guarantee fast and reliable customs clearance. We strive to meet our numeric/region distribution targets agreed upon with our strategic business partners.


We have a strong and expanding network of more than 30 medical delegates and managers with medical education working in all major cities of Uzbekistan Turkmenistan. We also have a base of more than 3,000 pharmacies and 1,000 doctors. Our company is in the process of developing a marketing team in Ukraine and Kazakhstan, which is expected to be operational by the end of 2017. 



We provide consultancy services for product launches, as well as for investment in local production from the concept development stage to project realization.